Step 1: Cleaning out the basement



Basements are typically the places we store things we hardly ever look at such as mementos of our childhood and lives which we don’t want to part with. Most of us have gone to our basements or some other place where we store those things and realized that much of it is no longer needed. In sorting through those things, we find ourselves looking at the story of our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to let go and sometimes we know an item or memento is no longer necessary. Sometimes the item takes on new meaning through a new perspective on the memory it represents. The important thing to keep in mind is that the people, relationships, failures, successes and feelings of our lives are essentially the threads in the tapestry of our being. We can’t literally throw them out and unravel the tapestry, but we can see them in a different light with appreciation for the rich textures and colors they form and how they create the unique essence of us.

And so it becomes necessary to begin the process of going through the corners of our Unconscious Mind to discover beliefs that no longer serve us. That’s not easy as the Unconscious Mind is called “unconscious” for a reason. It isn’t easily or directly accessible. What’s more, the Ego or Consciousness, is the guardian at the gate of the Unconscious and often won’t allow us to see what is stored there or presents those things in a more favorable light than is accurate or realistic. We will talk about how to delve into the beliefs set up in the Unconscious in the next Step. Right now, it’s important to understand how those beliefs are formed.

Each belief system in your Unconscious Mind was formulated in early childhood and some throughout the process of your entire life. Your childhood experiences set up a blueprint for the way you see your self; the person you believe you are. The blueprint was drawn on the blank sheet of you from the moment you were conceived. You may believe the blueprint is permanent and unalterable, but you DO NOT HAVE TO BECOME THE LIVING FORM OF THE BLUEPRINT that was drawn.

Just as with a physical structure that requires remodeling throughout the course of it’s lifetime, so are we in the need to remodel our structure through changing the original blueprint. The original architects are gone now and you can become the new architect with new knowledge of how you want your SELF to be structured.

So, let’s look at the blueprint and decide what needs to be changed.