About Me

Dr Sandra CoxWelcome!  My name is Sandra Cox, a Board Certified Psychiatrist with the American Board of Psychiatrists and Neurologists; a mother; mentor and health and fitness enthusiast.  I’ve designed this website to assist others in living their lives to the fullest.  Through 20 years of practice, many people have sought my help to overcome their worst enemy…themselves.  Each of them has taught me something about how we humans end up feeling as if our best life is out of our reach, somehow.  We CAN open the door between us and our greatest potential, when we understand how the door was built in the first place.  With that understanding, we can then learn to transform that door into an open threshold we simply cross and begin the journey of living a joyful, healthy life.

Our programs will help you to understand the beliefs that lie hidden in your Unconscious Mind that are holding you back from your dreams.  As that understanding becomes solidified, you will learn techniques to transform negative beliefs into new and more Truthful beliefs that will propel you forward with confidence and enthusiasm.  Then you will learn practical methods of transforming your life in a stepwise fashion.  Through our online community and program here on this website, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, your challenges and that internal saboteur that can get in the way of leading your best and healthiest life.   You’ll be able to share questions and your progress with others in our community, as well.  Seeing the progress of others is often inspiring and motivating.

Additionally, we’ll explore the reasons why we’ve become a culture that expects improvement without effort or true change.  We’ll be challenging each other to look honestly at ourselves and how we’ve fallen into that cultural trap.  As we develop a greater understanding of ourselves with compassion and self-respect, making lifestyle changes becomes a joy rather than a dreaded task.

Here at DRSANDRACOX.com, each week, there will be new information to read, videos to watch and information designed to help you on this journey to your best life with greater physical and emotional health.   You will be invited to share your personal stories of success or failure.  It has always been my greatest privilege and pleasure to be witness to the journey my patients take toward a self-actualized, happier and more fulfilled life.  My hope is to assist more toward that goal through this medium than I could in a one-to-one private practice.

So let’s go build a life of health and abundance for you, starting now!